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Boris Johnson is from the Same Tree as Donald Trump

There’s an analysis on CNN by Luke McGee called Boris Johnson is not Donald Trump. Let’s talk about that.

Sure—McGee does have some points. How could we ever really compare the two (aside from the horrendous hair but let’s not use Ad Holmium fallacies). Even though both men have no business being in political office, Boris and Donald have absolutely no reason to be compared. Now, I understand Donald had a business empire prior to his show The Apprentice, and I literally only knew him for the tagline ‘You’re fired’. My introduction to Boris was when he got stuck in a zipline while he promoted the 2012 Olympics. My strange introductions to these two embarrassments are no reason to compare them, although they both seem to use their political position to boost their personal publicity.

Let’s have a little rundown, shall we?

His supporters call him BoJo. This a little weird but I really wanted to start with that.

New tagline idea: #BojonotBlowjob

Once upon a time, Bojo was a journalist who was fired by London Times for inventing a quote. Now I don’t want to bring up Donald making up quotes during my rundown of BoJo, but let’s not forget when he told Fox News that Secretary Stoltenberg said ‘without Donald Trump maybe there would be no NATO’. Washington Post stated that Trump appears to have invented the quote out of thin air.

But back to Boris because, again, we shouldn’t compare the two.

In 2004, Boris was fired from being shadow arts minister for publicly lying about an affair with a columnist, resulting in two terminated pregnancies. With all due respect to the CNN article that seems to really protect Boris’s name from being tied to Donald’s, I’m going to refrain from mentioning Donald’s affair with Ms. Stormy Daniels a year after he married Ms. Melania.

But I am trying really hard not to compare them. So, back to Boris.

Boris is a predominately known vocal supporter of Brexit. When President Obama encouraged Britain to stay in the EU, Boris called him a part Kenyan with hypocritical views. Speaking of racist white men who mentioned President Obama’s ancestry to Kenya, remember when Donald played a crucial role in pushing false rumors that President Obama was not born in the US and he sent investigators to Hawaii to retrieve his birth certificate? But please, let’s not compare Boris to Donald. Because god forbid we tarnish Boris’s name.

“So, is Boris Johnson the British Trump? They have a similar hairstyle. But that's pretty much where it ends.” –McGee’s CNN article.

Sure, but only if your eyes are closed.

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