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House of Malevolence Episode 2: Ted Cruz

Citizens United is a 2010 Supreme Court decision ruling that political spending is a form of free speech--which for the past eight years, has changed campaign finance. This allows unlimited contributions to political campaigns from corporations including super PACs, labor unions, and other associations, which in turn, makes corporations equal to people. The argument is that corporations have free speech rights--but we should call it for what it is--and that’s corporation money influencing American politics.

Enter Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz had at least eight super PACs supporting his 2016 campaign for president, and one of those super PACs called StandForTruth, received multiple donations from untraceable LLCs. Sounds shady, right? Ted Cruz is literally a creature formed from the ashes of Citizens United, and if you watch YouTube videos of him defending Citizens United, he’s fairly good at it. But let’s move on.

So, while these PAC donors hide behind LLCs, Ted Cruz goes off supporting Citizens United, stating that money can absolutely be a form of free speech.

Not that politics isn’t already corrupted but adding money from corporations and pharma companies as an influence on candidates is completely unethical. The pharmaceutical industry, dealers of medical products and drug manufacturers, are nearly always the top campaign contributors in the United States.

Speaking of contributions, of course Ted Cruz is going to support anything that flows money to his benefit. He, after all, received the highest amount of contribution money in 2016 from gun rights groups.

But he didn’t win the Republican 2016 candidacy--Trump did. And what makes Ted so distasteful, is that Donald publicly called Ted’s wife ugly on Twitter, he insinuated that Ted’s father was a murder and involved in the Kennedy assassination, and now two years later, Ted plays up Donald every chance he gets. I think I just read an article that Ted wanted to use El Chapo drug money to fund Donald’s border wall.

If that’s not pathetic enough, let me remind you of the time Ted assisted in writing a 76-page legal brief defending a state law banning the sale of sex toys (like dildos and stuff) or “obscene devices”. If jails aren’t overcrowded enough, owning an offensive device would have been punishable for up to two years. Obviously, it was shot down, but just wanted to mention that little fact.

The best part is that Ted’s roommate from Princeton tweeted “I was his college roommate. This would be a new belief of his.” Hilarious.

Ted, I welcome you to the House of Malevolence--a place where lousy, rich folks like yourself only attain power and notoriety for shamelessly selling your soul for affluence.

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