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Tehrangeles: the aftermath of the 1979 Iranian Revolution where Ayatollah Khomeini rose to power and citizens noped the fuck out of there.

Studies have shown that people who identify strongly with their race and culture have a higher self-esteem and are all around happier. I was not so fortunate. My first language was Spanish because of our nanny, and when I started telling people I was from Guatamala at two years old, my mom had to let her go and that was the end of my Spanish speaking journey.

My parents actually embraced the American culture. I was called by my American name (Ellie) at home and at school, but when we had family or went to these Persian parties, I never felt a sense of belonging and that was the beginning my imposter syndrome journey.

Didn’t help that there was that stereotype. Persian guys are obsessed with cars, Persian girls only wore brand names. If you want to see the stereotype, youtube Shah’s of Sunset and watch a bunch of rich 30 something year olds argue while drinking champagne. No hate to that show it just didn’t help with my identity crisis

Persians have become a major force in Silicone valley as investors, creators, executives.

Researches at MIT discovered after surveying fortune 500 companies that 50 Iranian-Americans held senior leadership positions with more than $200 million in asset value. We also hold the highest percentage of masters degrees than any other ethnic group so next time we lose the FIFA world cup—use the masters degree argument and watch everyone not care.

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