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#Trump’s dream-team of incompetency

Donald Trump is growing his ego-driven trade war and it’s not benefiting the U.S., or any other country for that matter. CNN is consistently bolstering about how there’s a Global Recession on its way, and #TrumpRecession is trending on Twitter.

The crazy part of all this is that Trump’s only job was to avoid the improving economic trends, because he literally inherited an almost complete financial crisis recovery. Way to royally screw that up, Donald, because economists now warn there will be a major economic collapse. They’re also placing a lot of the blame of the hostile market on Donald’s Trump’s trade war with China. Go figure.

Trump slapped tariffs on $250 billion worth of Chinese products, and now he’s threatening another $325 billion more. China’s Ministry of Commerce stated the dispute can possibly lead to “the largest trade war in economic history”. This trade war actually increases the likelihood of a recession. That and fact that the Trump administration adamantly refuses to take any steps to repair the mess he created.

The uncertainty of American foreign policy seems to be adding to economic instability globally—a foreign policy apocalypse if you will.

But can I really sit here and only blame Donald Trump for disrupting our economy and bulldozing any possible foreign relationship with his terrible social and leadership skills? Yes and no. Because Peter Navarro exists.

Navarro is Trump’s Director of Trade and Manufacturing, and an incomprehensible addition to Trump’s dream-team of incompetency when handling the U.S. economy. Donald Trump actually listens to Peter Navarro’s advice, because Peter Navarro is the only guy more extreme than Trump. In Navarro’s free time, he likes to blame the Federal reserve for a market meltdown and compares the Wall Street Journal to the main media outlet of the Chinese Communist Party.

I personally think the worst part about Peter Navarro is that he received his Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University, which apparently makes him “qualified”. For a Ph.D. in economics, I would assume he’d take into account the consequences of tariffs, and what an impact may look like. We might as well call this a #NavarroRecession. Fun fact, Navarro best known for his Youtube video Death By China, where he accuses China of distributing “weapons of mass destruction” against the US. So yeah, this guy was literally born to create a trade war.

I’ve always been one to keep an open mind on the Conservative outlook—because I enjoy conversing and learning topics I don’t fully understand, or potentially misunderstand. Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

Conservatives, especially Trump supporting Conservatives, do not learn from the past. They romanticize it and revolve their ideology around it. I’m not saying liberals don’t have their flaws, but if the earth is warming up, then climate change is real.

If this recession is to hit globally like every article I’ve read online says it will, that means we’re living in an era of a global economy. No Trump supporter should cheer for China’s recession, because if world’s second largest economy goes down, it’s going to affect the U.S.

So when you see #TrumpRecession trending on Twitter, don’t say thousands of people and qualified economists didn’t warn you.

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